What Am I Doing Here?

Well… it turns out this web blog was inactive for a while. To be fair, this was barely updated at all after its creation, so how about giving a bit of attention to it?

Right now I am kind of reevaluating my online presence and I am thinking, why not try to resume something I had already previously started, like this web blog?

The content of this blog from the very beginning was supposed to be in English. I actually think that my initial idea was to practice my English a bit. That was a long (long?) time ago, but I feel like I could be creating the posts here still in English. Afterwall it is a practice of writing in English, which is a second language for me. So… practice is good, right?

It seems at this point I am not even sure what I am trying to say. That might be related to my little Angelina giving me a bit of a hard time holding her while I try to (simultaneously) type. Might as well be just an excuse. I do ramble a lot, I know.

Anyways, in summary, here I am, try to resume doing some writing (and posting) on this blog. Last day of the year. Crazy year it was 2020 with this Covid pandemic and all that is going on. Take care.


Doing something

I feel really good if I can stop at the end of the day and feel that I was able to do something. Anything. Small things are still things. Baby steps can take you far, no doubt, but it is not really about that. Is more about the feeling, the certainty that your day was not spent in vain.

This is something that I always had, or at least as long as I can remember. And also for very long I noticed how huge an impact that would make over my humor and even my emotional balance and even my happiness. It’s like there are these tiny peaces of achievement that are within reach and I need daily doses of it so I can find my balance.